Got a (non-retina) MacBook Pro? Here are two great affordable ways to extend it’s life.

I recently wrote this response to a family member who asked about recommending a SSD to put in a late-2011 MacBook Pro.

An SSD is easily the best upgrade for performance of an older MacBook Pro. I recommend the Samsung 850 EVO SSD. They have the best performance and lowest power consumption of any SSD that I have tried. You can get them in 250GB, 500GB, and 1000GB. Other sizes are available, but these are the most common. There is a “850 Pro” that costs a bit more than the EVO but you'll probably never notice the difference in performance – at least not enough to justify the cost difference.

One thing you'll need is a program that enables TRIM support for the SSD. It keeps your SSD blocks clean, extends its life, and keeps performance up. More info here:

OSX automatically handles this for Apple-supplied SSD's, but not for 3rd-party ones. I use a program called Disk Sensei to handle this. It's about $20:

You'll also get a huge performance increase by putting in 8GB of RAM. You just need to make sure it's “Mac memory”. Corsair is really good, and they have a website that you can check compatibility:

Best places to buy components are NCIX and Memory Express. Amazon can sometimes come close in pricing.

iFixIt will provide you with free (and awesome) step-by-step guides to upgrade both of these. (assuming you have the 13″ laptop)

Question: What tech device do you use regularly that doesn't perform quite as well as when you first started using it?

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